Submission rules

Abstract submission process started on 20 December, 2013. All abstracts must be received on or before  July 11th, 2014.

To participate at the congress, you must register first and later on, start the submission abstract process.

The review process starts once you have registered on this website and have chosen the role of  “author”  to fill out the registration form and later on to submit your abstract.

The congress has two formats: the on-line and the on-live congress. All accepted abstracts will be included at the on-line event. Acceptance of the abstract and assignment to a session are determined solely by the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee will determine the abstracts to present at the on-live congress.

Authors of the accepted abstracts for oral presentation should refer to the Scientific Committee the audiovisual aids they would need as support for their presentation.
The Scientific Committee shall have up to 15 days to notify the authors.

Abstracts should be submitted via the website  from December 20, 2013 and will be received until July 11th, 2014. After this date, participation at the congress and abstract inclusion at the congress proceedings are not guaranteed.

All abstracts must be submitted electronically through the electronic abstract submission system
a) Full name of author(s) or lecturer (in case she/he is not the same person)
b) Title
c) Postal address
d) Phone number, fax and e-mail

e) Abstract must be attached in Word System. Attached abstract must be written with the following structures:                

• Abstract must be written in sheet of papers of 8.5 x 11 with 2,5 margins at both sides
• 12 point-Arial with single space between lines
• Word limit of 250 words
• Author must respect the structure for scientific names
• Write the main authors´ name, beginning with the first surname and next the name separated by commas. Semicolon will be used to separate authors´ name, in case
of more than one author
• In case of using numbers, symbols and acronyms, authors must use them with the international norm

Authors must keep the following order:
• Title (written in bold and capital letter)
• Author´s name
• Name and e-mail of the institution, country of origin
• Introduction / Objectives
• Materials and Methods
• Results
• Conclusions

Key Aspects
Papers must be related to the topics of the Congress.

After the deadline of abstract submission, author/lecturer either in poster or oral presentation will be informed about his/her acceptance. The Scientific Committee will be responsible for this acceptance decision.

Lecturers must add the registration to the Congress in order to be included in the Program.

All abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be included in the Proceedings of the Congress. Oral presentations (master lectures, round tables or symposia) will be made preferably with audiovisual aids.

There is a designated area for poster presentations. Size of these posters: 110cm high x 80cm wide. Poster design (material, color, text, amount of figures, so forth) will be from author´s and exhibitor´s viewpoint, respecting the limits of the designated area

Poster structure: Title, author´s full name, introduction/objectives, materials, methods, results and conclusions

An abstract, written in English, will be included in the Program if author/lecturer requires it.

Main categories for the topics of paper:
Basic Microbiology
Molecular Biology (MB)
Epidemiology and Control (EP)
Diagnosis (DX)
Immunology and Genetic (IMM)
Therapeutic (TTO)
Pathology / Clinical Cases (PAT)
Vectors (VC)
Bacterial Resistance (BR)
Others (specify)

Abstract acceptance will be informed to the authors after May 4

Should you require further explanation, send an email to